Engineering Tilt-Up Master Certificate

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Description: Based on “Engineering Tilt-Up” by Timothy W. Mays, Ph.D., P.E. and Joseph J. Steinbicker, P.E., S.E., this robust series of talks cover basic engineering principles and code interpretation as well as in depth analysis of a tilt-up structure and its components. The talks are be presented by author Timothy Mays.

RECOMMENDED READING: "Engineering Tilt-Up" is recommended reading for this series as it is referenced throughout the talks. It can be purchased from the resource section of TCA's website by clicking here.


Total Courses: 5

Total Duration: 5 hour(s)

Courses In this Track

Module Name Duration
Engineering Tilt-Up: Part 1 Session 2 - Diaphragms for Tilt-Up Structures 1h
Engineering Tilt-Up: Part 1 Session 4 - Lateral Panel Design (Shear Walls) and Foundation Design for Tilt Up Panels 1h
Engineering Tilt-Up: Part 2 - Case Study - Appendix A 1h
Engineering Tilt-Up: Part 1 Session 1 - Introduction to Tilt-Up and Load Determination 1h
Engineering Tilt-Up: Part 1 Session 3 - Tilt-Up Panel Design for Vertical Loading 1h

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