The Architect’s Perspective: Building a Program for Quality Excellence

Course Description: Presented during the 2019 Tilt-Up Convention & Expo, this presentation describes the necessity of the construction industry and specifically the fields of architecture and engineering to establish and maintain effective quality control programs. The presentation describes the core of such a program and demonstrates the value and importance of such an approach.

Learning Objectives:
1. Uncover the problems of an industry that fails to promote proper detailing and quality programs to enhance design and prevent liability concerns.
2. Understand the fundamental principles of a good quality management program and how to scale them according to project requirements, practice size, and executive commitment.
3. Explore ways to ensure internal third-party reviews are conducted to verify coordination of consultant drawings, confirm constructability, and establish details critical to design.
4. Learn to communicate the benefits of a quality program to firm leaders and clients so all involved promote quality program goals from the start of design through construction completion.

Delivery: Online

Format: Movie

Course Code: BQCE01

Course Fee: $20 USD

Course Duration: 1 hour

HSW Compatible: Yes

Point of Contact Name: James Baty

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