The Best of the TCA Cyber Round Table

Course Description: The TCA Cyber Round Table has become THE trusted resource for TCA members to get their urgent technical questions answered by a community of tilt-up industry experts in design and construction. In this presentation, David and Erik will review the best questions submitted to the Cyber Round Table in the past year. Answers presented by David and Erik to each of the best questions will be compiled from the responses of industry experts, but the presentation will not stop there. Each best question will be explored in a deeper context, giving the Convention audience information beyond the original interactive question and answer exchange.

Learning Objectives:
1. State the value of the TCA Cyber Round Table to members and non-members
2. State the impact of alternative strength materials (e.g. lightweight concrete, high-strength reinforcing steel) on tilt-up wall panel design and performance
3. State the requirements for safely removing wall panel braces prior to completion of all roof and elevated floor diaphragms
4. Apply answers to other common technical questions experienced by fellow tilt-up designers and contractors

Delivery: Online

Format: Movie

Course Code: TCACRT01

Course Fee: $60 USD

Course Duration: 1 hour

HSW Compatible: Yes

Point of Contact Name: James Baty

Point of Contact Email: